No, THIS Is How Plucked Guitar Strings Look in Slow Motion! |VIDEO

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You’ve undoubtedly seen videos purporting to show how guitar strings vibrate when you pluck them. Those clips are typically shot with an iPhone and exploit the camera’s rolling shutter effect, which makes the strings appear to undulate in wild wave-like motions.

As many guitarists—and videographers, for that matter—are quick to point out, those videos are inaccurate and merely demonstrate that iPhones have low-quality cameras...and that many of us are very gullible.

The video below, on the other hand, was shot with a professional camera and shows you—in glorious slow motion—how strings really vibrate when you play them. Or at least how they appear to vibrate when filmed with a high-quality camera.

The clip is presented by Plectone, makers of the Plectone double-pick, which gives you creative ways to use two picks simultaneously.

The first video describes the process of shooting the action. The video after is the raw footage from the shoot.