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Keeley Electronics Releases Katana Blues Drive Pedal

Its unique and modern circuit delivers layers of rich overdrive tone at a very low noise level.
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By Christopher Scapelliti

Keeley Electronics has begun shipping the Katana Blues Drive effect pedal. Built entirely by hand, the Katana Drive is a unique and modern circuit that delivers layers of rich overdrive tone at a very low noise level.

The pedal has controls for level, drive, bass and treble, making it easy for players to dial in very low gain or richly saturated lead tones.

"With active tone controls and layered overdrive tones, the Katana Blues Drive feels rich and thick, yet lets your guitar tone come through," says Robert Keeley, founder and chief engineer of Keeley Electronics. "To achieve this, we’ve taken the legendary tube clarity of our best-selling Katana Boost’s JFET stages and blended them together with a unique overdrive circuit that’s been influenced by our award-winning overdrive pedal modifications."

Like all of Keeley Electronics’ designs, the Katana Drive is hand-built in the U.S. It's housed in a rugged powder-coated enclosure, includes true-bypass switching, and features a two-year limited lifetime warranty with Keeley customer support.

The Katana Blues Drive retails for $199. Visit for more information.