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David Gilmour's Stratocaster Soars in New “Faces of Stone” Video

The dark and moody clip features a pair of Gilmour’s trademark fluid, soaring guitar solos.
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By Christopher Scapelliti

David Gilmour has just released the video for his Rattle That Lock track “Faces of Stone.” It’s a dark and moody clip that features a pair of Gilmour’s trademark fluid, soaring guitar solos, and you can watch it below.

The video mixes footage of Gilmour in the studio with a film shot in the style of an old theatrical movie. In it, a woman on a beach hunts for stones as she makes her way into a town. Once there, she goes completely unnoticed by the guests at a dinner party. Tumbling back to the beach, she looks back in the direction of the town with a look of complete isolation.

In a Facebook post, Gilmour writes that “Faces of Stone” was written about a time in his life when he was surrounded by birth and death. “Towards the end of my mother’s life, when she was suffering from dementia, there was a brief crossover period of about nine months, when she was alive and my daughter was newly born,” he writes. “This song is a musing on that time. Specifically it refers to a walk in the park where my mother was ‘seeing’ pictures, or ‘faces of stone,’ hanging in the trees.”

Released in September, Rattle That Lock is Gilmour’s first solo album since his critically acclaimed 2006 solo effort, On an Island. “Faces of Stone” is the fourth video released from the album following the title track, “Today” and “The Girl in the Yellow Dress.”