VA-177 Super Tweed Resonator

May 1, 2010

gp0510_gear0360aVA-177 SUPER TWEED RESONATOR

If you’re ranking visual pop, a shiny Dobro resonator rates pretty high on the list. Based on a 1947-48 Valco Supreme circuit, the VA- 177 sports a big chrome resonator, right in the middle of its pinstriped tweed cab.With my Gibson SG and the amp’s Volume and Tone halfway up, the tones are big, round, and husky with a hint of snarling breakup when I really dug in. I wanted a bit more sheen so I dimed the Tone control for more top-end detail. Still, the overall vibe stayed the same, with a high-caloric midrange and a nice, taut bottom end that never flubbed out. With the Volume cranked, the VA-177 sings a bit more, but in a very controlled manner. Like the VA-167, the 177 doesn’t melt into feedback when cranked, but its clarity and note definition are to be reveled in as your picking nuances and chord voicings shine with a rounded-off hue. Not a jangle machine for sure, but there are any number of amps that can give you that. The VA-177 is a throwback and proud of it, both aesthetically and sonically. And I, for one, say cheers to that!






gp0510_gear0361CONTACT  Vintage47 Amps, (707) 480-6511;

MODEL  VA-177 Supreme Tweed Resonator

PRICE  $615 direct


CONTROLS  Volume, Tone






gp0510_gearvint0368TUBES   Two JJ 6V6 power tubes, 5U4G rectifier, Tung-Sol 6SL7 and NOS GE 6SQ7 preamp tubes

POWER  12 watts

SPEAKER  Weber Signature Series alnico 10"

KUDOS  Warm, rich tones with a one-of- a-kind look.




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