Book ReleaseJim Marshall

January 10, 2014

O F THE NUMEROUS ADJECTIVES APPLIED TO J I M Marshall over his lengthy career—enigmatic, volatile, brilliant, gruff, inspired—probably the one left most under-expressed is “trustworthy.” Marshall’s trustworthiness has been too often overshadowed by his more notorious and exciting qualities, yet it is this very trait that separates a good portraitist from the rest of the pack. It is fitting then, that the root of this word is the title for his latest published collection of images Trust: Photographs of Jim Marshall [Omnibus Press].

Marshall is considered one of the preeminent music photographers of this age, and the images in this book span almost six decades of work and could not have been made without an almost complete trust from subject to photographer. Marshall gained this intimacy through both his reputation and his ability to connect with an artist before and during the moments when the lens is training and the shutter is releasing, when the soul of the subject is preserved for good, for bad, for an instant, forever.

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