Lee Oskar Lesson: Enjoying the Soulful Sound of the Am Natural Minor Harmonica

August 10, 2017
Known for its distinctive, soulful sound, the natural minor tuning with its five altered notes is the perfect choice for playing minor blues, reggae, ska, Latin, jazz, minor funk, R&B and hip hop.

The A natural minor scale is played in second position on the Am natural minor harmonica. The second note on this scale requires a bend, which is a simple technique used to change the pitch of a note. The natural minor harmonica tuning also plays the relative major scale.

In this short video you’ll hear one-man band, bluesman and harmonica player Randy McQuay play in relative major mode strumming C, Am, Dm and G7 chords, with a simple pattern, adding in a rhythm harmonica line and then a lead harmonica line.

In just a few easy steps, you’ll hear what a natural minor harmonica can do to enhance your music!

For more information visit leeoskarquickguide.com.

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