May 18, 2015-04:00PM

A bluesman honors a bluesman.

May 16, 2015-11:36AM

The founder and CEO of Peavey Electronics shares his B.B. King memories.

May 15, 2015-03:49PM

The session great talks about meeting B.B. in 1970.

January 30, 2015-05:34PM

Do today's guitarists have the grit to smash convention and celebrate creative individuality?

February 01, 2015-12:17PM

2014 may mark the end of artists releasing platinum albums.

January 07, 2015-09:15AM

Which site best meets YOUR needs?

August 21, 2014-12:01PM

Can we finally shut down "chick guitar player" sexism?

August 13, 2014-07:32PM

Steve Miller bassist Kenny Lee Lewis loved this band's performance.

August 07, 2014-06:59PM

Our "mature" music-making correspondent ponders the pull of guitars and high volume.

June 17, 2014-07:05PM

Taking care of your hands is essential for all guitarists who wish to play pain-free for years and years.


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