Tommy Denander's All-Time Favorite Sessions

June 4, 2013

SWEDISH GUITARIST TOMMY DENANDER is currently a member of former Toto singer Bobby Kim- ball’s band, and is also in the backing band for Legends: Voices of Rock—a touring consortium that includes Kimball and vocalists from Deep Purple, Journey, Chicago, Rain- bow, and other groups. Although Denander has played on more than 2,000 records, he was able to pick five of his favorites. — Matt Blackett

Paul Stanley
Live to Win
“My friend Andreas Carlsson called me while I was on vaca- tion in L.A. and asked if I could come to [songwriter/pro- ducer] Desmond Child’s studio and do this session. I played on ‘Wake Up Screaming’ and the title track. I only had access to a small combo, however, so the sound wasn’t big enough to carry the rhythm track. All they kept was an old Ace Frehley trick I used where you turn down the volume of the neck pickup and flick the switch back and forth.”
Alice Cooper
Welcome 2 my nightmare
“I was writing with [producer] Bob Ezrin’s cousin Jeremy Rubolino for this album, and I ended up working on ‘I Am Made of You.’ I used my signature VGS TD-Special with the Evertune bridge and True Temperament frets through a Suhr Badger for the clean sounds, and a Laboga Mr. Hector for the distortion.”
 Fee Waybill
Don’t Be Scared By these hands
“I’m a huge fan of the Tubes, so I was at a loss for words when asked to play on Fee’s album. I recorded my parts for ‘Dying of Delight’ on an Alesis ADAT back in Sweden, using a Zion guitar with EMGs and a Floyd Rose through a custom-built preamp and a Marshall power amp. I used a Rocktron Intellifex for reverb and delay. I love the solo to this day. At the end, I came up with a line of false harmonics through the fade that sounds pretty cool. I was listed as ‘Swed- ish Solo’ in the credits, which I liked.”

Guitars For Freedom II
“It was an honor to be asked to do a song for this project, as the other guitarists included Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Michael Landau, and Andy Summers. I played all melodies and solos for ‘Grace’ on a beautiful, purple flame-top Tom Anderson plugged into a Marshall JMP-1 preamp going direct to my Mackie mixer. I blended in effects with a Rocktron Intellifex.”


Ricky Martin
“I had worked on some really cool songs with Desmond Child for an Adam Lambert record, but Adam decided not to use them. But when Desmond produced Ricky Martin, he used three of those tunes. ‘No Te Miento’—also released in Eng- lish as ‘Liar’—features a cool intro riff. Desmond asked if I remembered the intro his song ‘Poison’ for Alice Cooper. I did, and I came up with a little copy riff of that for this song. I used my VGS signature model with a Schaller Floyd Rose through Laboga Mr. Hector amps.”

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