Guitar Essentials: How to Connect Chords for More Musical Rhythm Playing

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If your rhythm work consists only of chords, you’re missing out on a lot of color and character that you could be including.

While there are times when strumming alone is all that a song requires, there are also many songs that benefit from a little musical “filigree” that can add accents and melody to your strumming and help tie chords together when you move from one to the next.

In this video, guitar instructor Sean Daniel demonstrates how you can use scales to connect chords, by drawing on the notes in the scale that are common to the chords.

“When you have any kind of chord—we’ll take a really easy one, a C chord to an A minor chord—there is a note in the scale that you’re in that can connect those two,” Sean explains. “And it can really help make your playing sound a little bit different, more exciting and give you more options on things to do.”

Sean goes on to explain the technique and demonstrate it over a variety of chord changes.

Take a look, and as always we encourage you to check out his YouTube channel for more of his excellent guitar tutorials.