Words of Wisdom from Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop reveals one way to ensure a successful band.

Iggy Pop on Innovation and Staying Power

“There are two basic things to getting a band to be successful — the songwriting should be universal, and there should be something original and fresh about it. To get that, you have to go far afield to find inspiration. If you sound too current, or too much like the band up the block, 99 times out of 100, you’ll crap out and fall down right there. And the one in 100 that does make it that way makes it for the same reason that there’s that one cool guy in high school and the one hot girl he goes with—they just have the temporary gifts of the gods. A few years later, that cool guy is working at a gas station, and the same thing happens in the music industry. If there’s nothing deep behind it, it’s just a fad with an expiration date.”

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