Second Iron Maiden ‘Book of Souls’ Poster Banned for Being “Too Scary for Kids”

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Authorities in Lithuania have banned Iron Maiden’s poster for the group’s Book of Souls tour over concerns that it will frighten children.

The poster features the group’s mascot, Eddie, with glowing red eyes, holding a bloody knife in one hand and a human heart in the other.

Iron Maiden are scheduled to perform at the 18,000-capacity Žalgiris Arena in Kaunas on June 23

This is the second time in several months that one of the group’s posters has caused controversy. Last September, residents in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district objected to a poster announcing the Book of Souls album that showed Eddie as a skeletal Mayan shaman. The poster was reportedly scaring children at a nearby school. The residents covered the image of Eddie with a sign that read, “This poster has no business being here.”

Eddie has been controversial for the group many times since he made his first appearance as a blood-spitting head placed above the drum kit at their shows. He was shown, head and body, on the group’s 1980 self-titled debut and has appeared in numerous incarnations over the years.

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