Missed Opportunity? Robby Krieger Noodles with Alice in Chains

The Doors guitarist thrilled fans by joining Alice in Chains onstage in Hollywood, but the stellar guitar moments were few...
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It was definitely a fabulous way for Alice in Chains to close a sold-out Los Angeles concert at the Hollywood Palladium on August 29, by inviting Doors guitarist and L.A. legend Robby Krieger onstage to perform "Rooster," the Seattle grunge band's 1992 hit.

That said, Krieger's appearance was a far cry from the brilliant, often-improvised long-form solos he unleashed while a member of the Doors. "Rooster" is a moody track, and while Krieger offered up a few fills here and there, think of the possibilities if he was open to weaving the psychedelic guitar spells he created in the '60s. 

Here's the Alice in Chains performance...

Here's Krieger taking a musical journey on "Light My Fire" in 1968...