Robben Ford Plugs In on the 'No Guitar Is Safe' Podcast

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From how he recorded his latest album, Into the Sun, to what his deepest musical goals are; from what he learned playing with Joni Mitchell, to why he quit Miles Davis’s band; and from how he gets his sound on stage to how he does so in the studio, Robben Ford covers a lot of ground in his 90-plus minute interview on the No Guitar Is Safe podcast (which is brought to you by Vertex Effects and the Vertex Boost, available online at

And that’s not even counting the playing.

Wielding a go-to 1963 Gibson ES-355 plugged into an old Fender Super Reverb at Blue Suede Studio in Los Angeles, Ford jams with host Jude Gold on the songs that influenced him when he was a young guitarist just starting out, on tunes from Into the Sun, and more.

Ford also discusses working with the many guest artists on Into the Sun, an all-star list that includes Warren Haynes, ZZ Ward, Sonny Landreth, Keb Moe, Robert Randolph, and Tyler Bryant.

The great blues guitarist also discusses gear—from the vintage guitars and old Dumble amp with which he is so associated, to the new Vertex Boost pedal he endorses, which is a available at

To hear Ford on the No Guitar Is Safe podcast, simply open your favorite Podcasts app and search for “No Guitar Is Safe,” or just click the iTunes, Soundcloud or RSS links below and look for Episode 17.

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