Preview the Zombies' "Moving On" from their New Album | AUDIO


Famed Sixties group the Zombies will make their comeback on October 9 with the new album Still Got That Hunger, and you can hear a preview from it below.

Titled “Moving On,” the song is a bluesy rocker that features lyrics written by keyboardist Rod Argent in 1977 following the death of Elvis Presley on August 16.

“I love the way it’s turned out all these years later,” Argent tells Rolling Stone. “It’s no longer about Elvis, and the month in the song is now April, but that was its genesis.”

Known primarily for their hits “Time of the Season,” “She’s Not There” and “Tell Her No,” the Zombies found fame as part of the mid-Sixties British Invasion. The band lineup at the time included Argent, lead singer Colin Blunstone, guitarist Paul Atkinson, bassist Chris White and drummer Hugh Grundy. The group broke up in December 1967 shortly before the release of their psychedelic pop album Odessey and Oracle. They regrouped briefly in 1991 to release the album New World.

The new lineup includes Argent and Blunstone with guitarist Tom Toomey and the father-son rhythm section of Jim and Steve Rodford.

Argent and Blunstone will reunite with White and Grundy this autumn to perform Odessey and Oracle live for the first time. Atkinson died in 2004.

The new Zombies lineup will commence a tour on September 30 in Dallas. For more information, visit their website.