Pete Townshend Talks About the Who’s Classic-Era Songwriting | VIDEO

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Pete Townshend gives an unprecedented look into his early songwriting in the video shown here. The clip is an excerpt from Lambert & Stamp, a new documentary about Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp, the duo who helped shape the Who into a successful rock and roll act.

In the mid Sixties, Lambert and Stamp were looking for a young band to feature in a documentary about London’s emerging Mod scene. They met a group called the High Numbers and were quickly won over by their power and, especially, their guitarist’s songwriting skills.

The High Numbers were, of course, the Who by another name. And it was Lambert and Stamp who convinced them to change it.

In the clip, Townshend recalls how Lambert encouraged his songwriting by praising it entirely.

“If I had written three songs and presented them to him, they were all good,” Townshend says. “He had found something good about all of them. He wouldn’t kind of say, ‘Oh they’re all good, but that one’s great.’ It would be, ‘They’re all good, and let’s work on that one.’ ”