Oz Noy Gets Funky and Freaky On 'No Guitar Is Safe' Podcast

Oz Noy's Jazz/Fusion 12-Bar Blues promo image

Coupling a deep vocabulary of jazz and funk approaches with a natural talent for creating compelling textures via a variety of stomp box effects, Oz Noy possesses one of the most identifiable styles in fusion guitar, which is why I am pleased to welcome him as my guest on the fourteenth episode of my podcast, No Guitar Is Safe.

After an introduction in which we hear a few tracks off Noy albums such as his new release, Asian Twists (Abstract Logix), the interview opens with an intriguing “space jam” that finds Noy generating compelling backwards delay licks over a drone in A. Before long, the New York-based guitarist expands to other cool lines, including freaky fuzz phrases, melodic sweep-echo sorties, aggressive tremolo stabs, and double-time looped licks.

Then, after the jam, Noy generously demonstrates sound by sound, pedal by pedal,setting by setting, exactly how he used each effect to create each texture.

But that’s just the beginning of the show.

As the interview progresses, we delve into other jams and songs, and Noy details many of the approaches that have helped him shape his style over the years, starting with his early days thumbing Wes Montgomery lines on a hollowbody and 'shedding on the Barry Harris jazz improvisation technique.

Noy also reflects on the time when, approximately twenty years ago, he left his home city of Tel Aviv, Israel, for New York City—where he soon sold his hollowbody jazz box to become a near-full-time Fender Stratocaster player—and on how the music scenes in New York, Los Angeles, Nashville, and Austin (where Noy often jams with his guitar pal, Eric Johnson) compare to each other.

You can hear Oz Noy’s complete interview on No Guitar Is Safe by opening your favorite Podcasts app and searching for “No Guitar Is Safe,” or by simply clicking the links below. You can also find No Guitar Is Safe on Soundcloud or any other site/app that hosts podcasts.

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