Lemmy Talks Death and Epitaphs in His Final Video Interview

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Playboy Video is streaming a short 360˚ video of Lemmy from last May. Midway through his 70th year and battling diabetes and hypertension, Lemmy was one of rock’s great survivors. The interviewer wondered, what would Lemmy tell his 20-year-old self about life?

His answer was philosophical, as he reflected on his own recent health issues and how they shaped his view of mortality.

“I don’t know about life,” he replied. “Nobody does. We know about death. But life is more complicated. And certain things jump out at you just when you take a forward confident step and it’ll blow your fucking candle out. That’s it, it’s really weird.

“I got sick last year and I had already had diabetes, then I got fucking kidney failure and all kinds of shit. I was in the hospital twice. I never planned for this shit you know. The thing about death is that it's so final really. As far as we know…nobody has ever come back and told us about it.”

In a lighter moment, Lemmy revealed what he would like on his tombstone. “The Curse Still Rings True,” he announced, laughing. “Fucking brilliant!”

Watch the entire clip at Playboy Video.

In addition, Playboy Video partner VR Live has released a 360º video of Lemmy and producer Dann Saxton in the studio working on “hinder & Lightning,” from Motörhead’s last album, Bad Magic. You can view that one here.