Judas Priest’s Rob Halford Reaches Out to Dying Fan


No, he’s not a guitarist, but Rob Halford revealed an inspiring moment that we think is worth sharing here.

The lead singer for dual-guitar metal act Judas Priest teared up while recalling a conversation he had with a fan who was dying of cancer. He spoke of the exchange on the latest episode of VH1 Classic’s Rock Icons, an original documentary series that profiles icons of rock.

In the documentary, Halford explains that metal has helped people through many difficulties in life and goes on to share the story of the fan who was dying of cancer. 

“Just recently I was contacted by someone to speak to somebody that was about to pass from cancer,” Halford says before taking a long moment to collect himself.

“So I was able to speak to him, and he was really, really weak…but he was saying that he was a huge Priest fan and that that side of his life was so important to him, that metal was a really, really important way that he got through this horrible cancer that was eating him away.”

You can see the episode HERE. Halford shares the exchange at about the 17:30 mark.

After the show aired, Eddie Trunk, who co-hosts VH1 Classic’s That Metal Show, revealed that he made the request of Halford.

Trunk elaborated on the exchange in an online post. “This happened about a year ago,” he writes, “and I never said anything about it simply because I didn’t know if Rob wanted people to know he did it and I didn’t want to start a trend of always calling on friends like Rob for favors.

He added that the request came through a friend who works at SiriusXM. “It was his best friend who was a huge Priest fan and sadly had days to live. A call from Halford was something he could have only dreamed about.”

Trunk reached out to Halford to see if he was up to it. “I didn’t want to put him on the spot and knew how incredibly difficult it would be for him to call someone he didn’t know at all who was dying, so I didn’t pressure at all and just told him the story,” Trunk writes. “Rob said to me to set a date and time and to send him the number and he would call. Sure enough, at the appointed day and time, Rob called this man in the hospital and had a nice chat with him.

“Sadly [the man] lost his battle with cancer a few days later. But, needless to say, it was an incredibly powerful moment for all.

Adds Trunk, “I only relay this all to you because it is important to acknowledge the total class act Halford is. Having him as a friend for a very long time, I always knew this. But in a day and age where all most media seems to do is want to pounce on people or celebrate the train wrecks, I think it is cool to hear stories like this and give credit where credit is due to not only phenomenal talents in our genre of music, but equally awesome human beings.”

We heartily second that.