Joe Bonamassa Plays Country Shred on a Mosrite Joe Maphis Mark XVIII Double-Neck | VIDEO


Anyone who follows Joe Bonamassa on Facebook know the guitarslinger likes to post videos of himself playing some great guitars.

In this video, he’s playing a 1966 Mosrite Joe Maphis Mark XVIII double-neck guitar at vintage guitar store Guitarpoint. offers a little history behind this model. According to the site, Mosrite founder Semie Moseley created a triple-necked guitar prototype while he was working for Rickenbacker in the Fifties. Country music guitarist Joe Maphis asked him to build a double-neck version, and the model was put into regular production in 1961 and remained so until 1969. It featured six- and 12-string necks—hence the designation Mark XVIII (roman numeral 18)—and was similar to the popular Ventures model. The Mark XVIII featured dual high-output pickups for each neck, and a Vibramute tremolo system on the six-string.

Joe, of course, turns in some fine playing as he fingerpicks a bit of country blues on the instrument. For more videos like this, follow Joe on Facebook.

Joe Bonamassa - 1966 Mosrite Double

Playing a 1966 Mosrite Joe Maphis at Guitarpoint

Posted by Joe Bonamassa on Monday, October 26, 2015