Hear Steve Vai Go Country on New Montgomery Gentry Track, "King of the World"

Steve Vai lends his hand to a poignant Montgomery Gentry track.
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Back in September 2017, just a few days after the beloved, long-running country duo Montgomery Gentry finished recording their new album, Here's to You, tragedy struck.

Just hours before the group was set to perform a concert in New Jersey, a helicopter carrying one half of the duo, Troy Gentry, crashed, killing both of the vehicle's passengers. 

In the wake of the crash, the remaining member of the duo, Eddie Montgomery, sorted through some of the songs from the Here's to You sessions that didn't end up making the album. The end result is Outskirts, an EP containing some of the duo's final recordings, with some special guest appearances thrown in for good measure. 

Today, we've teamed up with Montgomery to premiere "King of the World," a poignant track that features some lead guitar playing from none other than Steve Vai. You can check it out below.

“'King of the World' is the way I wanted to live my life when I grew up," Montgomery said in a statement to Guitar Player. "When I found out that guitar god Steve Vai was into it, that made it the shit. Wow, I still can’t believe Steve Vai is playing on one of my songs!”

"I knew of Montgomery Gentry and the challenges that Eddie Montgomery faced when tragically losing his close friend and collaborator Troy Gentry in a helicopter accident," Vai added. 

"I was honored when Eddie reached out to me to play on this track. Although my playing is not the conventional country type, I felt the authenticity in this track and enjoyed putting my spin on it. I think in my heart I’m pretty simple and have dreamed about having a day like the one that is sung about in this song. That is a serious 'King of the World' life." 

Outskirts is set for a June 14 release. 

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