Here's the Young Group Dave Grohl Credits for Giving Him a New Spark of Inspiration

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PHOTO: Mike Lawrie | Getty Images

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl credits the Vancouver group Black Mountain with giving him a “spark” of inspiration recently.

Grohl recently took to Facebook to sing praises of the group’s latest single, “Florian Saucer Attack.”

“FUCK YES!” writes Grohl. “Every so often a song comes around that takes you by the ear, pulls you to your knees, and makes you beg for its claws to release you from its infectious grasp.

“Thank you, Black Mountain for the spark. Now, where’s that guitar of mine... Take me to your leader. —Dave”

Black Mountain are a five-piece and were founded in 2004. To date they have released four studio albums. Their latest, IV (shown right), was released on April 1, 2016 and is available at the group’s web site.

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Grohl has been laying low since the conclusion of Foo Fighters’s lengthy 2015 world tour. His longtime producer Butch Vig revealed last week that the two men are working on a “mystery” collaborative project. “We have a bunch of new things we’re working on at the moment that are really pretty exciting,” Vig said.