Chris Cornell Performs on 'Jimmy Kimmel,' Talks Soundgarden and Audioslave | VIDEO

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Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to promote his new solo album, Higher Truth, and we have video of it below.

Cornell and his band performed the album’s debut single, “Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart,” a Top Five hit on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock chart. The poster of the video below also provided a neat segue into a performance of “Josephine,” which is also from Higher Truth.

Cornell is on tour across the globe through May.

He was recently interviewed on WDHA 105.5 New Jersey, where he spoke about Soundgarden and Temple of the Dog, the rock band he formed in 1990 as a tribute to his friend, the late Andrew Wood, who was lead singer of the bands Malfunkshun and Mother Love Bone. Temple of the Dog released just one self-titled album, but Cornell said his tenure in the group helped him understand there were opportunities to explore music outside of Soundgarden. That in turn led him to form Audioslave with guitarist Tom Morello in 2001.

“For me it started to me with Temple of the Dog,” Cornell says. “I knew that the four members of Soundgarden together in the context of what we were doing was a special thing, and that’s about all I knew. I didn’t know that myself as an addition to any other combination was going to mean much, and that album kind of changed that thought process where I realized that as long as you throw yourself into something, and it’s with the right people, you can do it in lots of different contexts,. And that’s where Audioslave was born, in that spirit. I didn’t want to say ‘no’ to having a creative relationship with those three guys, because I thought they were brilliant. We wrote three albums in a really short period of time, and they felt vital to me. That’s kind of informed what I’ve done.

“The other thing has been that I came from kind of a post-punk indie musical background, where there were no rules. Basically, you could kind of do anything you wanted, and that was the point of it. I think Soundgarden was very eclectic from the start, we were not ever cornered stylistically. That did something for me personally, in that I never felt I was cornered as an artist or a songwriter to do whatever I want, and I still feel like that.”