Black Veil Brides Concert Review

A look at the Black Veil Brides November 3, 2014 concert at San Francisco's Warfield Theater.
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Rock music may not be as it once was, but its ingrained resilience continues to live on in classic rockers and new artists who are not afraid of creative freedom and kick-ass guitar solos. Black Veil Brides—part of the new wave of rock—carries on the message through tight performances, compelling dynamics, and true commitment. Their set at the Warfield, San Francisco, on November 3, would have left me speechless if I hadn’t been yelling so loud.

Before the band even started playing, the excitement of the audience was almost as tangible as the people crammed up against me, and only grew when the first chord hit. Throughout the show, the vocals were on point, the drums were huge, the guitars were insane, and I think I can still feel the bass in my chest. Every element of their performance was brilliant, and added power to the band's message of "Help Yourself" and "Love Who You Are."

Black Veil Brides has definitely proven itself as not only an amazing live band, but also one that truly believes in what it is doing. The care and commitment they put into both their performances and fans is refreshing, and that attitude channels the original spirit of rock and roll.