Billy Gibbons Shows Custom Gibson and John Bolin Guitars from His Collection | VIDEO

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This video is a few years old, but if you missed it, it provides a great opportunity to see some of Billy Gibbons’ guitars up-close with narration from Billy himself.

In it, Gibbons and his tech Elwood take DunlopTV’s Bryan Kehoe backstage to show off a few of the guitars that he used on ZZ Top’s tour in support of their La Futura album.

Included are a John Bolin guitar with a chambered body, neck and headstock, a Gibson recreation of Billy’s famous “Pearly Gates” Les Paul, and one of his furry Gretsch guitars in the rectangular Bo Diddley shape, among several others.

Gibbons recently released his Cuban-flavored solo album, Perfectamundo. The record is his first solo outing. Gibbons revealed to Billboard that as a teen he took Latin percussion classes from Tito Puente, who was a friend of his bandleader father, Freddie Royal. “Banging away on ’em came back like riding on a lost bicycle,” Gibbons said of playing Latin percussion again for his new album.

As always, check out Dunlop’s YouTube page for more great videos.