Stevie Ray Vaughan Plays 12-String Acoustic on MTV Unplugged | VIDEO


Here’s a treasure from the past: Stevie Ray Vaughan playing solo on a Guild 12-string acoustic for MTV Unplugged.

The performance is from January 1990 and also featured Joe Satriani, who played following SRV’s set. This was only the sixth show in the Unplugged series, which had begun filming the previous October and had not yet become a cultural phenomenon.

Stevie opens with “Rude Mood” and carries on with “Pride and Joy” and “Testify.” The performances are incredible. Stevie is clearly at the top of his game here, and it’s amazing to see him tear it up on a 12-string acoustic, of all things. The crowd is enthusiastic and very vocal throughout the performance, and serves as a reminder of how Stevie’s impassioned playing could fire up his audience.

The show may be acoustic, but Stevie’s performance is nothing short of electric. Enjoy.