Seymour Duncan Announces New Joe Bonamassa Signature "Bonnie" Pickup Set, Loaded Pickguard

Seymour Duncan's new Bonnie pickup set
(Image credit: Seymour Duncan)

Seymour Duncan has teamed up with Joe Bonamassa to create the new "Bonnie" pickup set and loaded pickguard.

The A-list blues guitarist's fourth collaboration with the pickup giants, the "Bonnie" pickup set is based on the pickups found on Bonamassa's '55 hardtail Strat of the same name. They feature era-accurate cloth, pushback lead wires, black Forbon flatwork, Alnico IV rod magnets, and a uniform 5.96K rating.

Even the plastic covers are aged to perfectly replicate the originals found on the '55 Strat.

Seymour Duncan's Bonnie pickup set

(Image credit: Seymour Duncan)

The Loaded Pickguard, meanwhile, features a 5-way selector switch, modern switch tip, mini skirt control knobs, a custom-made “Phone Book,” .1uF/150V capacitor, and three 250K high-quality CTS potentiometers.

Seymour Duncan's Joe Bonamassa Signature "Bonnie" pickups will be available in a limited run of only 550 sets, while the Loaded Pickguards will be available in a run of 100. Prices for the products have yet to be announced.

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