David Crosby: "I May Never Play Guitar Again"

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In a new, wide-ranging interview with Rolling Stone, David Crosby revealed that he is struggling with tendonitis that may leave him unable to ever play guitar again.

In the interview - which also covered Crosby's political views, his struggles with the financial fallout of the coronavirus and the recent death of his son - Crosby revealed that his attempts to treat the tendonitis have thus far proven unsuccessful.  

“I get trigger-finger tendonitis in my hands,” Crosby said. “I went in to get it fixed and it didn’t work. Now I’m in a tremendous amount of pain in my right hand. It’s entirely possible that I may never play guitar again.”

If unable to play, Crosby said that he may still tour, but will only sing onstage. He also conceded that his age, coupled with the uncertainty of the coronavirus fallout, leaves him unsure about those future touring plans.

“The thing that happens to me is I’m not sure I’ve got a next year,” he says. “I’m almost 80 years old. So when you take away my next year, you might have just taken the last one I got.”

On a brighter note, Crosby says he is still hard at work on his upcoming solo album, which he says will be called "Lifting Force" or "Lift." Featuring the likes of Michael McDonald and Donald Fagen, it will be the follow-up to Croz's most recent solo effort, 2018's Here if You Listen.

“We’ve got three singles. I’ve never had singles before, but I’ve got three of them this time," Crosby said. "I got one we wrote with Michael McDonald that’s just killer. That’s 'River Rise' and Michael sings harmony with me on it. He and I kill it. When we sing together, it’s scary.

“And then we’ve got a song that I wrote with Donald Fagen. It’s really fucking good, man. I’m so honored he gave us a set of words.

“I think people are going to love the record. I think people are going to like the music. And that is great. That is what I’m holding onto, fiercely, to try and get through all the crazy. And there’s a lot of crazy.”

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