Lee Oskar Lesson: How to Combine Natural Minor Harmonica and Rhythmic Reggae Patterns

July 17, 2017
If you love playing reggae, minor blues, ska, Latin, jazz, funk, R&B or hip-hop music on your guitar, you’ll find that it’s easy and natural to incorporate the harmonica into your music by using the Natural Minor tuning (Key of Am), played in second or “cross harp” position.

In this short video tutorial with Lee Oskar Harmonicas featured artist Randy McQuay, you'll see how you can play reggae rhythmic patterns on the guitar in combination with the Natural Minor harmonica, with its five altered notes.

You’ll see that the guitar and harmonica work together beautifully to co-create those rich Reggae sounds and rhythms.
For more info please visit LeeOskarQuickGuide.com.
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