9 Music Promotion Mistakes DIY Musicians Should Avoid

Discover how to get your music heard by the right people by avoiding the nine mistakes DIY musicians usually make.
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Which one are you:

A DIY musician who is taking time to learn how to get your music heard?

Or are you the musician complaining about how nobody supports music anymore?

If you are the second, there is almost nothing anybody can do for you. Go back to Reddit or your favorite forum and re-join the pity party.

But, if you are in the first group, and are willing to learn, check this out.

Musicgoat.com has published a list of nine mistakes musicians are making that are hurting their promotions and wasting their time.

Here is what musicians are doing wrong:

1. SPAMMING the crap out of your family and friends.

2. Hiring some expensive Music Promotion slash PR company to run a massive campaign.

3. Buying radio airplay from a guy named Rod who is going to help break your song.

4. Joining sites like Reverbnation or Fandalism or join LinkedIn groups thinking you will find fans.

5. Joining every social networking site known to man and spread yourself too thin, declare they have no time and give up.

6. Using Sites like Facebook or Reverbnation as your home base.

7. Endlessly pitching… errr harassing… record label execs.

8. Sending out thousands of mix tapes and CD’s to “every” Tom, Dick and Harry hoping someone will play their stuff and discover you.

9. Entering every talent competition thinking that is the only way they can get anywhere.

Eliminating these mistakes alone will get you farther, faster.

If you are interested in why each is a mistake and discovering what you should be focusing on instead, visit the following link: