Korg Reintroduces the Nuvibe

Classic Korg modulation effect is being offered again with modern enhancements...
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In the 1960's, Korg debuted a modulation effect pedal that drew the attention of guitarists around the world when it was used by a legendary guitarist in a historic performance at Woodstock, NY. For more than a half century, the inimitable sound of this distinctive modulation effect has captivated guitarists and audiences alike. Now, under the original engineer's supervision, this legendary classic has been reborn in its new incarnation: the Nuvibe.

As with the original, the Nuvibe effect pedal offers a switch for selecting vibrato or chorus, plus Intensity and Speed knobs for producing its distinctive sound. The buffer circuit that was an integral part of the original's sonic character has been re-designed for the modern player by the original engineer. The CdS photoresistor that was the heart of the original pedal has been recreated using 79 transistors, providing an accurate simulation that meets today's standards.

Nuvibe also includes some newly designed features not found on the original effect unit. Most notable are the ten WAVE sliders that allow users to not only create a variety of effects faithful to the original, but create their own sounds via custom LFO waveforms as well.

As on the original, a dedicated expression pedal enables guitarists to use their foot to control the modulation effect. An unlatch switch lets the modulation effect be easily cancelled.

The Nuvibe runs on both batteries and AC power. It will be in stores in early summer 2014 for a U.S. Street price of $499.99.