Vox Presents March Madness Giveaway

Vox is giving away a Tone Garage pedal every Monday in March.
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Vox U.S. announces a new contest for the month of March, aptly named, "March Madness." Each Monday in March, guitarists in the U.S. have an opportunity to win a different pedal from VOX's award-winning Tone Garage series. The Vox U.S. Facebook page will feature a contest post each Monday at 2pm EST, and entrants simply have to "Like" the post for a chance to win.

Participants will be randomly selected and the winner each week will be announced in a post on the Vox Facebook page at 5:30 PM, EST each Friday in March.

Prizes include:

Flat 4 Boost
Full range boost with mid and treble boost
High voltage design for maximum tube tone
Passive Baxandall EQ circuit for a pure and natural tone

Straight 6 Overdrive
Classic British overdrive with wide range of dynamics
High voltage design featuring a 12AX7 for maximum tube tone

V8 Distortion
High-gain distortion ideal for heavy riffs and solos
High voltage design featuring a 12AX7 for maximum tube tone

Double Deca Delay
Multi-function Analog delay pedal
Three V3205 BBD Bucket Brigade Chips
Up to 900ms of delay time

Trike Fuzz
Multi-functional octave fuzz pedal
Wide range of vintage, thick-sounding, fuzz tones using special, hand-selected diodes
Octave up, Octave down or a mixture of both

Full contest rules and details are here.

A video demo of the pedal series can be viewed on the Official Vox Amps U.S. YouTube Channel.

Full product information is here.