RKS Design and Line 6 Collaborate on AMPLIFi

RKS strategists and designers teamed up with the engineers, designers, and market experts at Line 6 to revolutionize the guitar amplifier.
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Since it was first introduced by Line 6, the digital modeling amplifier has remained virtually unchanged for almost ten years. With the decade closing in, Line 6 saw that it was time to create a quantum leap in digital signal processing, modeling, the cloud linking of communities of artists and precisely optimized industrial design. The resulting AMPLIFi won best of show at NAMM in January and has been selling like wild fire ever since.

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“A large part of the challenge for the teams was to develop a design language for a guitar amplifier that can co-exist with consumer electronics, which until now has never happened” remarks Lance Hussey, creative director of RKS. “A design with multiple personalities requires careful thought and consideration given that industrial design conveys intent though visual language. How do you create a design that marries the advancements in technology, harnesses cloud technology, provides a universe of options for the player and serves as an icon of their love of music, all simultaneously?” commented Ravi Sawhney, founder of RKS.

The collaboration between the teams led to seamless dialogue and co-creation of persona- based design concepts that were measured against Psycho-Aesthetic mapping, a methodology innovated by RKS in the 90’s which connects Joseph Campbell’s and Abraham Maslow’s brilliance into a single tool. Psycho-Aesthetic mapping defines consumers’ needs and aspirations, turning them into targets for design and interaction concepts to hit. “Perfection is in the details and the collaboration with Line 6 and their production execution was flawless.” commented Greg VanderPol, RKS designer and team member of the AMPLIFi program.

“Design research is the vehicle that connects us with consumers’ needs and aspirations which then develop into design insights. AMPLIFi is a glowing example of how collaborative work between a consulting design team and an internal team can result in market disruption.” comments Harnish Jani, RKS research and strategy director.

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