Industry Leaders Join for Music Advocacy Webinar

With the goal of addressing the most important issues in music advocacy, will host a webinar on the topic, featuring a panel of music industry leaders.
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With the goal of addressing the most important issues in music advocacy post-election, will host a webinar on the topic, featuring a panel of music industry leaders. Joining the webinar, titled, “Musicians: Meet Your Advocates” will be: Kevin Erickson, Future of Music Coalition; Will Buckley, FarePlay; and Bobby Owsinski, Big Picture Music Production Blog and Podcast. The live webinar is scheduled for 11am PST on Wednesday, November 30, 2016 and registration is free at

The webinar will be approximately 45 minutes long, with the last 10 minutes open to audience questions. The three main areas and questions that will be addressed by the panel are:

1)ISSUES: What are the most important music advocacy issues today, who/what organization is “in charge” of their oversight (legislation, implementation), and what kind of music creator or musician do they directly effect?

2)TIMEFRAME: Is there a timeframe or expected decision to be reached on any pending musician and/or music creator legislation? If so, how does that affect musicians, their Unions and their Performance Rights Organizations? Do these organizations have the technical infrastructure to manage these kinds of changes?

3)TECHNOLOGY: Is there any effort (other than capable of handling and/or promoting the musician Unions and Performance Right Organizations’ technology becoming more standardized and interoperable with industry and archival practices?

“Music advocacy is a broad topic covering a number of issues, and within those issues lies a great deal of uncertainty,” says Christy Crowl, Founder and CEO of “It’s important for musicians to stay informed on all developments related to protecting their rights as music creators, but the resources to make that possible are limited. I hope, along with Mr. Erickson, Mr. Buckley and Mr. Owsinski, can help answer some important questions and begin a productive, unifying, and instructive dialogue on music advocacy moving forward.”

Anyone who registers for the webinar will also get a free download of’s Digital Musician Companion™ templates, a tool created for members to help organize and curate their music credits and metadata, and is an easy solution to know “who to send what” in order to make sure you get credit and get paid in the current music ecosystem. is a fiscally sponsored nonprofit organization and the first artist-controlled authority created for artists to control their credits, identity, manage their archives, and preserve their legacy. To help preserve music history by making a donation, or becoming a member, please visit Follow at and