When in Doubt, Minor Pentatonic

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PHOTO: Cindy Moorhead

According to Sean Daniel, crippling loneliness is the cornerstone of any good blues musician. But so is the minor pentatonic scale!

In fact, like most guitar magazines and websites, we've written about it—and its importance—countless times over the decades.

In this lesson, which Sean posted in late September, he addresses the age-old question: What do you do when you can't lay down a rhythm track to practice your blues licks? The solution? "When in doubt, always minor pentatonic."

"Harness the power of the minor pentatonic scale by adding it to any 12-bar blues pattern in between chords," Sean says. "For any minor chord you're using, there's a corresponding minor pentatonic shape that goes with it. So move that bad boy all around the neck and rock it out."

By the way, the unique-looking Fender Telecaster he's playing in the video has a "chalk paint" finish. Chalk paint is a topic that turns up on various guitar forums, and Sean says he'll be doing a demo soon. We'll be keeping an eye out for that.

For more videos by Sean, check out his YouTube channel.