Three Quick "Brain Hacks" for Creating Killer Guitar Solos

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Over the course of the next few videos, I'm going to tackle some burning issues, all of which are inspired by the questions I get asked about the most.

In this first video (with downloads), I will answer several of your most-asked questions concerning...

• Playing around chord changes

• Inside- and outside-the-box licks

• Spicing up your leads so that they sound fresh and new

• Brain hacks and unconventional ways around the fretboard.

Here are three clever tricks you can use to add brilliant color and and to jazz up your regular solos—without really learning anything "new." This stuff will work over almost any blues, country and jazz track.

I'm about to show you some seriously incredible, self-taught tricks that helped me flow around the neck without repeating myself...and getting out of the rut.

I "stumbled" upon these methods because I had to. I didn't know where to get the "education" and theory and schooling—and I couldn't afford it anyway.

In my opinion, this is some of the best stuff—because I'm about to remove some of your deepest struggles with soloing. Those of you who watch the whole thing will be head and shoulders above everyone else who's still struggling to figure out this stuff.

I want to show you what I struggled with for years until I figured out some unconventional ways to get the same—and even better—results. That's why I'm giving you the all downloads and tools you'll need to go along with this powerful video.

I look forward to hearing from you!

P.S.: Don't forget to get your free tabs and backing tracks, plus two more video lessons with free downloads!

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