The Coolest-Sounding Scale

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What’s the coolest-sounding scale?

It’s a subjective question, but Tyler Larson is pretty sure the correct answer is harmonic minor.

“This requires a basic understanding of the major scale,” Tyler says, “but as long as you have that foundation, there’s going to be a very easy transition to learn the harmonic minor scale in its seven positions and the chords that go along with the harmonic minor scale.”

Tyler starts off by showing the Aeolian mode, also known as the natural minor scale, which forms the foundation of the harmonic minor scale—the difference is that the flat 7 is raised to major 7 in the harmonic minor scale, giving the scale its characteristic snaking sound.

Among the tips he offers is to take minor pentatonic licks you already know and drop in the major 7 to change them up.

Check out the full lesson below, and visit Tyler’s Music Is Win YouTube channel for more of his videos.