Shred This Lick Without a Pick

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If you’re a fan of country shredders, you probably know that many of them pluck the strings with their fingers, rather than with a pick. Using fingers on the strings not only produces a softer attack but affords the player more control over dynamics and provides ease of movement over the strings.

In this video, Tyler Larson demonstrates a shred lick/exercise that he plays without a pick, and it makes a good introduction to shredding with your fingers.

“This lick is inspired by Paul Gilbert,” Tyler says, adding that the technique involves legato hammer-on/pull-off technique.

As he says at the outset, it’s actually a pretty easy lick to perform when you use your fingers. At one point he demonstrates the lick using a pick, noting, “It’s actually not as easy.”

For more of Tyler’s videos, visit his YouTube channel.