Learn Paul Gilbert's Amazing One-Pattern Fretboard Trick | VIDEO

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PHOTO: Christie Goodwin | Getty Images

We’ve done severalposts on the subject of fretboard navigation with the hope of helping everyone find their way around the guitar more easily. While the subject matter is deep, there are some useful short cuts that can make the journey a little easier when you’re just starting out.

As it happen, Paul Gilbert has just the thing, as he demonstrates in the video below. It’s a very neat and handy one-pattern approach to the fretboard that will have any chord cowboy playing single-note lines within minutes. Yes—minutes!

After demonstrating it, he continues to show other more advanced patterns that you can learn with once you have the first one under your belt. 

Take a look.

Incidentally, the video includes references to figures—this clip comes from his Shred Alert DVD, published by our sister publication Guitar World—but Paul’s approach is so easy and demonstrated so clearly that you should be fine without them. To purchase Shred Alert, visit our online store.