Learn Five Groovy Fuzz Guitar Songs from Jimi, the Yardbirds and Other '60s Acts | VIDEO

Check out these easy lessons for five fuzzy riffs.
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Fuzz is the snotty and obnoxious sound of rock and roll slapping you right in the face. In short, GLORIOUS!

If you want to make some beautiful noises of your own, grab a guitar, an amp, and a fuzz pedal — or your favorite amp/effects modeling software — and try playing these five simple, but awesome songs full of fuzz bliss.

These are all beginner-level lessons, so everyone should be able to grab the riffs fairly easily.

Have fun! 


"Heart Full of Soul"

The Yardbirds


"In A Gadda Da Vida"

Iron Butterfly


"Foxy Lady"

Jimi Hendrix Experience


"(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction"

Rolling Stones


"Spirit In The Sky"

Norman Greenbaum