Guitar Essentials: The Easy Way to Understand Guitar Chord Names

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Plain-old major and minor chords are never a bother for guitarists. Even a flat 7, major 7 or minor 7 is no big deal. If you play guitar, you probably know how to play all of the above.

But if you’ve ever been confused by chords with names like C7-9, Gm add11, or Em7b5, then this lesson is for you.

Sean Daniel has just created a video that makes it easy to understand chord names no matter how easy or complicated they are. Using the C major scale as his example, Sean demonstrates various chord permutations, starting with simple major triads and building up to chords with complex voicings.

Even if you think you understand chord names, this video is a great way to check your knowledge.

If you visit here often, you’ll know Sean Daniel is no stranger to our web site. His video tutorials are excellent, enlightening and entertaining—the three Es—and we strongly encourage you to visit his YouTube channel to watch even more of them. And be sure to give him a “like” for his great work.