Learn 216 Chords in 16 Minutes

This lesson is one of the more valuable ways a guitarist can spend a quarter of an hour.
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One of our favorite things about Sean Daniel’s videos is that he frequently talks about chords—and who doesn’t like to learn more chords and more ways to play them?

Over the past months, Sean has made two instructional videos about chords that we found especially helpful: “Learn 100 Chords in 8 Minutes” and its sequel, “Learn 100 More Chords in 8 Minutes (A String).”

Together, they’ll teach you more than 200 chords in about 16 minutes, making this one of most valuable ways a guitarist can spend a quarter of an hour.

In the first video, Sean shows how to play and memorize a variety of chords rooted on the low E string using just nine moveable shapes. In the second video, he shows how to root your chords on the A string, again demonstrating nine different shapes. Since all the shapes can be applied to 12 pitches, this adds up to a total of 216 chords. (Two roots, nine shapes, 12 pitches. Do the math.)

We’ve previously featured Sean’s excellent tutorials here (check the Related Stories below). When you’re done watching this lesson, visit his YouTube channel for more great clips and to subscribe.