Guitar Essentials: How to Use Triads in a Guitar Solo

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What are you supposed to do when you play lead and solo? If you’ve never soloed or played lead, you might now know where to start.

Sean Daniel has developed a technique to help guitarists who are unfamiliar with playing lead find a way into it. His method relies on common major and minor triads, specifically the intervals contained within them, which can be used to play arpeggios. Since playing arpeggios would be a boring way to solo or play lead, Sean shows how to use the basic technique to work your way around the fretboard and transition through different chord voicings.

Sean starts out by showing how to string together major and minor triads into fretboard-spanning solo and lead-playing sequences. He demonstrates a few triad voicings, including nontraditional voicings, and shows how they can be created into circular licks that span a nice chunk of the fretboard and move through different chord voicings. Sean’s method takes the mystery out of soloing and makes it easy for novices to get started quickly.

Take a look, and as always, be sure to check out Sean’s YouTube channel.