Guitar Essentials: How to Make Your Playing More Interesting

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PHOTO: Cindy Moorhead

Playing chords all the time can get to be pretty boring, both for you and the people listening to you.

Fortunately, there are a few simple things you can do to break out of the rhythm rut and add some inspiration to your playing.

As Sean Daniel explains in his latest video, alternate chord shapes, scales and arpeggios are a great way to add interest to even the most boring stock chord progressions. For this video, Sean uses four-bar pattern containing one bar each of C major and G major followed by two bars of A minor. It’s that second bar of A minor that Sean focuses on.

Notes Sean, “With a few tips to incorporate chord voicings, scales and arpeggios, you’ll be on your way to shredding it up in no time!”

Take a look. And when you’re finished, check out Sean’s other great videos on his YouTube channel.