Guitar Essentials: Five Rare and Inspiring Techniques You Need to Know | VIDEO

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If you feel like you’re running out of new and interesting playing techniques, YouTube poster Bad Guitar has five for you to try.

In the video “5 Rare Guitar Techniques Just for Fun,” Bad Guitar covers a range of unusual moves, some of which may be new to many players. They include:

1. Pick-Hand Bending (0:19)
“…pretty cool for people who prefer fixed bridges but still want to do some whammy bar tricks.”

2. Playing Harmonics by Resting a Finger on Top of a String (1:23)
“…the finger rests on a string and the fretting hand plays legato patterns to bring out specific harmonics… Pretty cool for spicing up your tapping runs too (2:33).”

3. Picking and Tapping Combined (2:35)
“The dull corner of the pick frets the string on every stroke, and every time the pick is past the string the note fretted normally is ringing. So with one down-up motion you’ll get four notes.”

4. Creating Dissonant Sounds with Slip Harmonics (3:34)
“Play a natural harmonic and instead of lifting your finger up, slip it behind the fret. This allows you to bend harmonics.”

5. Creating Violin-Like Timbres with a Drumstick (4:16)
“Learned this idea originally from a Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson video. I mainly use it for screechy violin-like sounds in the background of songs. I even play melodies with it occasionally. Very horror movie-esque sound.”

Check out the video, and be sure to read Bad Guitar’s complete annotations included in the video description for additional details.

Be sure to view Bad Guitar’s YouTube channel for more great videos.