Guitar Essentials: Barre Chords—You're Probably Playing Them Wrong

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Barre chords are supposed to be easy, right? Then why do so many guitarists have problems playing them cleanly or feel their hands go tired after a few minutes of playing them?

If you’re among the players who have trouble playing barre chords, guitar instructor Sean Daniel has some advice for you. In this tutorial video, Daniel offers tips to help players improve their barre-chord performance, with guidance on finger and thumb placement and wrist angle.

He also has some useful advice about playing difficult chords.

“Just take a piece of the chord” that you're struggling to play, he suggests. “Let’s take a B-minor chord. If you can’t do it while holding the high E string, forget about it. Just take the middle four strings.”

“The difference between a five-string B-minor and a four-string B-minor is kind of nominal,” he adds. “Even if it’s just the first three will still work in the context of a song, and it wouldn’t be that noticeable.”

Check out the video, and visit Sean Daniel’s YouTube channel for more videos.