Alfred Music Releases Second Editions of The Complete Acoustic Guitar Method

The second editions of "Beginning, Intermediate, and Mastering Acoustic Guitar" books are available now.
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Perfect for those who want to master their craft, the Complete Acoustic Guitar Method books are packed with essential information organized in easy-to-master sections.

The new editions of Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Acoustic Guitar have been revised to include new examples in the styles of the hottest acoustic guitar players on the current scene and brand new videos demonstrating the examples in the books.

Beginning Acoustic Guitar is an extremely thorough method for beginning acoustic students.

The book includes lessons on reading music and TAB, basic music theory, chords, a variety of strumming techniques, basic left-hand techniques, power chords, barre chords, and basic fingerpicking. Students are also introduced to important acoustic guitar styles, such as country, bluegrass, blues, and rock.

Intermediate Acoustic Guitar is great for guitarists who have completed Beginning Acoustic Guitar and are ready to take the next step.

It features everything from harmonics, flatpicking arpeggios, and alternate tunings to bending, funk strumming, playing in upper positions, and improvising with pentatonic scales.

Mastering Acoustic Guitar is perfect for guitarists who have completed Beginning Acoustic Guitar and Intermediate Acoustic Guitar, and are ready to expand their skills and technique.

It includes in-depth lessons on 7th chords, extended chords, slapping and tapping, odd time signatures, modes, and more. This book also covers advanced alternate tunings and cross-string scales. For those who truly want to become exceptional musicians, thoughtful instruction on composing and arranging for solo guitar is also offered.

As part of Alfred Music’s ongoing commitment to improving the environment, these books are printed on environmentally responsible paper.

The Beginning, Intermediate, and Mastering Acoustic Guitar Second Editions are now available for $24.99 each at music retail stores, online retailers, and at