WATCH: Jeff Beck and ZZ Top Cover "Sixteen Tons"

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Two years ago, a YouTube user named Indivo created a hoax video in which Jeff Beck and Billy Gibbons appeared to be playing a rocked-up version of the folk song "Sixteen Tons." The footage for the video was taken from Beck and Gibbons' 2009 performance at Madison Square Garden for the 25th anniversary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concert.

Now that Beck and ZZ Top are on tour together, they decided to make fantasy a reality by performing "Sixteen Tons" together in concert. On August 13, the tour made a stop at the legendary Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, where a fan captured video of Beck and the boys playing the song.

Reportedly, Beck had seen Indivo's YouTube clip and said, "Bloody hell, we can do this!" Beck and Top's version copies the original faithfully.

Below we've posted the real Beck and ZZ Top performance along with the original video.