Video Premiere! Orissa's "Tara"

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Orissa mastermind — and "almost" one-man band — David Dodini is sharing this exclusive video premiere of his song "Tara" from his upcoming Resurrection album, due November 3, 2017.

A graduate (with honors) of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music with a Masters Degree from the Biella Conservatory’s Scuola Niccolo Paganini in Biella, Italy, Dodini ultimately pushed his strict classical training to the side in order to explore the cross pollination of multiple styles, such as jazz, Balkan, prog, metal, and folk rhythms. Throughout all the tracks on Resurrection—which was funded with the assistance of a $20,000 Kickstarter campaign—Dodini played all the instruments, with the exception of drums, which were performed by Jason Gianni (drummer for Trans Siberian Orchestra, Neal Morse, Book of Mormon).

"I had three main things that I wanted to accomplish by making this video," explains Dodini. "The first was to make a video that would showcase the lyrics for 'Tara,' which contains the opening chapters of a sonic and poetic journey that unfolds over the course of the entire album. I wanted something that called attention to the poetry and also captured the lush, psychedelic, geometric, and fractal nature of the harmonies, rhythms, and ambience of the music. The second was to feature the album artwork by Jamie Koala, and the animation skills of Max Millermaier. But what I wanted to do most was to pay homage to the people who funded my Kickstarter campaign that enabled me to make this album. I called my backers the 'Circle of Angels.' Originally, I was to make a web page that honored their contribution in perpetuity. As the time neared, it hit me that it would be even more cool to embed my honoring of them in a work of art that would reach out to the audience. It hit me to come up with the circle of names moving around the corona of the angel that appears on the artwork. I asked Jaime to do the COA design, and, as always, she immediately understood it and rendered it better than I did in my imagination. In addition, as part of my Kickstarter rewards, I created some elaborate handcrafted packaging by making my own parchments and wax sealing them with an Orissa logo. I thought it would be cool to embed footage of me signing and sealing some of the rewards. Finally, playing the guitar solo was a nice little extra touch to set off that long instrumental sequence. You don't see that in lyric videos, so I thought that was fun to experiment with."