VIDEO! Mike Dawes' Solo-Acoustic Version of Metallica's "One"

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To celebrate the upcoming September 15 release of his latest album ERA [Qten Records], guitarist Mike Dawes posted this solo-acoustic performance of Metallica's "One." 

“The first single from the record is this cover of the Metallica hit ‘One,’" says Dawes. "Anyone who knows the original can identify with the challenge of performing this track solo. It’s my mum's favourite, and she doesn't even like Metallica, or acoustic-shred guitar!” 

Well, mum should at least be proud that her son's video has charted upwards of 5.6 million views on Facebook. 

The U.K.-based Dawes is endorsed by Ernie Ball Strings, Benjamin Guitars, Andreas Cuntz Guitars, Guitar Pro Software, G7th Capos, DiMarzio Pickups, and Tonewood Amp, and he is set to open British shows for the Moody Blues' Justin Hayward in September and October.