VIDEO Jennifer Batten's Tour Blogs, Chapters 1 & 2

Check out the scenes from her "Self-Empowerment for the Modern Musician" clinics.

We asked Jennifer Batten to send in some video blogs from the road, as she traversed the USA bringing her "Self-Empowerment for the Modern Musician" experience to players of all types and styles.

She was nice enough to send in some awesome footage for the Guitar Player community, so sit back and enjoy chapters one and two below.

"I'm in the midst of a 2-1/2 month journey across America this summer (ending in mid September) to empower the modern musician with all the amazing and helpful skills I’ve learned during my 30-year career with Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck, and solo," says Jennifer. "I’ve chunked my crash course down into 15-20 minute, easily digestible segments of new millennial income streams I find that musicians rarely are remotely aware of, domestic and international travel tips, fuel for mind and body, the best helpful apps available (including an uber helpful music learning app that acts as a virtual coach), and emotional support for the creative mind. It’s a total holistic approach to all that I truly believe modern musicians NEED to know to take their music and careers to a higher level."

Click here for more info on Jennifer's "Self-Empowerment" clinics.

Chapter 1: Seattle to Los Angeles

 Chapter 2: Los Angeles to Texas